NavCoin Core 4.6.0

Craig MacGregor
7 May 2019
NavCoin Core 4.6.0

NavCoin Core 4.6.0

NavCoin 4.6.0 adds many new features including the Community Fund UI, Mnemonic Seed Phrase support and the recent bug concerning block reorganisations and payment requests.

Community Fund UI

<Pull Request 428> <Commit cbffaee>

  • Added a Community Fund tab to the core wallet
  • Ability to view and filter proposals and payment request
  • Proposals and payment requests can be voted on and created
  • Removed the old Community Fund UI

Accumulation of staking rewards in different address

<Pull Request 401> <Commit 2fb7b47> This features introduces support for the -stakingaddress launch argument which sets a NavCoin address where the staking rewards are accumulated. It also allows you to specify mappings from one address to another, such that the first address’s staking rewards will be deposited in the second address.

stakingaddress can take:

  • one argument (i.e. one NavCoin address), e.g. -stakingaddress=NxxxxMyNavCoinAddressxxxxxxxxxxxxx; or
  • a JSON argument, mapping several staking addresses to corresponding receiving addresses, e.g. -stakingaddress={"NxxxxMyStakingAddress1xxxxxxxxxxxx":"NxxxxMyReceivingAddress1xxxxxxxxxx","NxxxxMyStakingAddress2xxxxxxxxxxxx":"NxxxxMyReceivingAddress2xxxxxxxxxx","NxxxxMyStakingAddress3xxxxxxxxxxxx":"NxxxxMyReceivingAddress3xxxxxxxxxx"}. One staking address in the JSON argument can also be set to all and stakes from any staking address will be sent to the receiving address unless otherwise specified, e.g. -stakingaddress={"all":"NxxxxMyReceivingAddressALLxxxxxxxx",...}

Not compatible with cold staking.

Mnemonic seed phrase support

<Pull Request 400> <Commit 375c657> This PR adds a new RPC command to export the existing master private key encoded as a mnemonic: dumpmnemonic It admits an argument specifying the language. Support for two new wallet options (-importmnemonic and -mnemoniclanguage) have also been added to allow to create a new wallet from the specified mnemonic.

Fix wrong balance after orphan stakes

<Pull Request 438> <Commit 4041e3e> This PR fixes an historical issue which made the wallet show a wrong balance after orphan stakes.

Index cold staking address unspent output by spending address

<Pull Request 434> <Commit 404d85f>

When running a node with -addressindex=1 executing the RPC command “getaddressutxos” with the spending pubkeyhash of a cold staking address will now return any utxo’s available to spend by that key including those where the pubkeyhash is the spending key of a coldstaking transaction. Previously only regular utxo’s sent directly to that pubkeyhash were returned.

Fix for Payment Request reorganizations

<Pull Request 456> <Commit 688bf4d>

This PR prevents payment requests with invalid hashes (not set yet or out of the main chain) to count for the already requested balance of a proposal.

More Information

For the full release notes please visit the 4.6.0 Release on GitHub.

To download the NavCoin Core 4.6.0 please visit the Wallet Downloads page.

Craig MacGregor
7 May 2019