Protocol Notices

NavCoin is an open source protocol to which anyone can contribute. The NavCoin Core developers have enacted a policy to provide fair opportunity for any interested party to review all changes they make to the NavCoin protocol prior to public release.

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NavCoin Core 4.5.0

  • Craig MacGregor
  • 13 Dec 2018

NavCoin Core 4.5.0 has been released today which marks the last significant update to NavCoin Core of 2018. This release includes two important consensus soft forks which will bring greater security to the network and to individuals funds; Cold Staking and Static Rewards.

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NavCoin Core 4.4.0

  • Alex Vazquez
  • 23 Oct 2018

After almost a year and a half since the initial conversations began and the initial proposal was made, NavCoin Core v4.4.0 is now available for download. v4.4.0 introduces the final modifications required for the Community Fund to be fully functional.

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NavCoin Core 4.3.0

  • Paul Sanderson
  • 4 Sep 2018

NavCoin Core 4.3.0 is now available for download. The 4.3.0 release completes the implementation of the OpenAlias protocol into the NavCoin Core client as well as adding Wallet support for bootstrapping. - Read more about NavCoin OpenAlias here.

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