Navcoin For Developers

Navcoin is a free and open-source project to which anyone can contribute. Its design is the collaborative effort of developers from all around the world. Our common goal is to improve the Navcoin protocol and its surrounding software ecosystem. Everyone has the potential to make a positive impact, no matter what your skill level.

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Get Funded By The Navcoin Network

Navcoin’s Community Fund enables any developer to get paid by the network for their contributions to the Navcoin ecosystem. Projects are funded and approved by the decentralized network with no central authority. This ensures Navcoin’s direction remains firmly in the best interest of the network and is autonomously determined by the community.

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Why You Should Get Involved

Navcoin is built for the community, by the community.

Inclusive community

Our developer community is collaborative, inclusive, and ready to help you get started.

Active research

Improvements to the Navcoin protocol are constantly being worked on.

Proof of Stake Alliance

We’re part of the PoS Alliance, a consortium which aims to collaboratively research the PoS protocol.

Easy to get started

All the resources to get involved are at your fingertips and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Programmable money

With a publicly verifiable transaction ledger, you can easily use Navcoin in your apps and websites.

Always open-source

Navcoin software will always be free and in alignment with open-source principles.

Contribute Now

There are many ways you can contribute to Navcoin, no matter what your skill level.

Navcoin Protocol

Navcoin is open-source and everyone can participate in making it better. Here’s where you can find the procedures to report an issue, fix a issue or suggest an improvement to the consensus protocol.

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Community Projects

Navcoin is more than just a protocol, it’s an ecosystem of websites, applications and devices which connect to the Navcoin protocol. Here’s where you can find out about contributing to community projects.

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Responsible Disclosure

Navcoin is experimental technology and sometimes critical bugs are found. If you’re a researcher and you’ve found a critical vulnerability here’s how you can talk securely with the Navcoin Core developers.

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