As a self-funded project, one of the challenges that Nav Coin faces is raising enough funds to scale our marketing efforts in order to reach a larger audience.  While the community fund will help with this in the future, it will be some time before this is live, and so we would like to ask for the communities assistance for an upcoming campaign.

Essentially, we would like to run a competition to run on our social channels and would like to give away an amount of NAV (and other prizes) to incentivize users to share with their networks and raise awareness.

We want to make this prize as special as possible and so would like to crowdfund this effort to make it as attractive as possible.

If you would like to support our efforts to promote NAV through a big competition, then please send your NAV here:


We have received some donations already (a big thank you to those people!) and the more donations we receive, the bigger the prize’s we will be able to offer. The Nav Coin Team will also be donating to prize pool. If you’ve pledged and want to help us make this campaign happen, please send your NAV to the donation address above.

If the campaign doesn’t go ahead for whatever reason, all NAV will be refunded in full to the addresses which sent them.