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What we're about

We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift with nations relying more and more on cashless options to make payments. Current events have accelerated this paradigm, and concerns surrounding social and financial exclusion, profiling and automated decision making are on the rise. As a response to this, our mission is to provide people with the tools they need to protect their financial privacy, and to do so free of charge.

Private payments

Privacy is a fundamental human right, and we believe that we should all be given the opportunity to transact as we desire and without the fear of being watched. To this purpose, we've developed blsCT, a novel and revolutionary protocol, that underpins our privacy coin xNAV allowing any person to transact anonymously unless they permit and specifically choose for someone else to see.

Interoperability & DeFi

With Navcoin focused on being a currency to make payments, it's paramount that we allow for it to be used not just within our own ecosystem of applications, but also the ones that exist outside of it. Opening up to a great number of opportunities and future innovation, we've introduced wNAV as a wrapped representation of NAV and xNAV to be used in ecosystems such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Decentralized & autonomous

Our network operates as a truly decentralized autonomous organization by utilizing the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to allow each holder of NAV to participate in the governance of the network. Anyone that holds NAV can stake their coins and have their voices be heard counting one vote per stake. With supporting measures in place, we've enabled Navcoin to outlive us all by being self-funded through its treasury, self-guided through consultations, and self-governed through consensus changes.


We care about the environment and we strive to be as energy efficient as possible to do right by our planet. Compared to Bitcoin's Proof of Work consensus mechanism, in which miners rely on expensive hardware and a large amount of energy to validate transactions and earn rewards, Navcoin's Proof of Stake consensus mechanism does away with the resource intensive requirements and allows even a 5 Volt Raspberry Pi to take part in the validation process and thus in helping to secure the network.

Navcoin as a platform

With great privacy comes great responsibility, and so we're incredibly excited for Navcoin to also serve as a high-utility privacy platform that new and existing ecosystems can use to obtain privacy with the same privacy-preserving properties as Navcoin itself.

Private tokens

Navcoin is rooted in privacy, and we want to extend those roots to as many as we can. Thus, we're introducing the ability for anyone to mint private tokens on our blockchain. A private token can represent arbitrary tokens created by anyone on our network, as well as tokens from other ecosystems with their value pegged and backed by another underlying asset (such as BTC or USDT).

Private NFTs

With NFTs gaining traction, we're seeing such incredible creativity blossom from the minds of artists, and collectors fighting to get their hands on new timeless art pieces. However, public blockchains have shown to leak NFT metadata at large scale (e.g. ownership information) for everyone to see on block explorers. With Navcoin's private NFTs, there's no longer cause for concern.

What else?

Born in 2014

Launched in 2014 with no pre-mine or ICO to achieve a fair and transparent initial distribution of the supply.

Open source

Transparency is at the heart of Navcoin. Every line of code can be viewed, and anyone can contribute or reuse what we've built.

Passive income

Earn passive income by either running a node to secure the network or by taking part in the mixing process that ensures xNAV's privacy.

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